Native Owned Businesses is a curated directory of Native businesses of all kinds throughout the United States.

This project is an intiative of Native in Tech, a collective of Natives in technology building free and open source technology for Native communities.


What is a Native-owned business?

A Native-owned businsess is a business whose owners are majority Native and whose business proclaims to be Native-owned or whose majority owners have Native citizenship.

I am a Native business owner. How do I sign up?

The process for signing up is manual for now. If you are a Native-owned business then please send an email to nob@nativesintech.org with your name, email, and nation so that we can add you to the directory.

I have citizenship in a nation but it is not recognized or I am a citizen of a state recognized nation. Can I still be added to the directory?

It depends. There are nations such as the Independent Traditional Seminole Nation who do not believe in citizenship and who follow a traditional way of life. In contrast, there also exists wannabe cultures who reframe and adopt native cultures but who do not have a connection to any Native community. We will do our best to preserve the integrity of this directory and do our research on a case-by-case basis.

I can't find a business for x. Why don't you have it?

In order to maintain the integrity of this directory we are adding business owners manually. It will take time for the spectrum of businesses to show up here.