Bead & Powwow Supply

Bead & Powwow Supply was founded in 2011 by A. Ellie Mitchell (Saginaw Ojibwe; Eagle Clan). A recent college graduate who was struggling to find culturally meaningful employment, Ellie decided to sell beadwork to make ends meet, as she’d seen done by her relatives and community members. However, she soon became frustrated by the lack of a reliable online source for beads and beading supplies specifically for Indigenous beadwork. Ascertaining that other Indigenous bead artists had the same problem, Ellie began writing a business plan for what would become Bead & Powwow Supply. Despite challenges from the pandemic and supply chain, Bead & Powwow Supply has continued to serve Indigenous artists, powwow dancers, and tribal communities. The previous decade in business has been one with incredible growth, opportunity, and support from Indigenous communities. We hope to continue that in the coming decades.

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