Cvltvre Bead

As an Indigenous owned business, I value the teachings brought through our culture. Although as Indigenous people, we cannot take credit for creating glass beads, we saw the potential and have been using them since trade. I come from a family with a history of beading matriarchs, and have seen different styles of beading. My late grandmother opened the first craft store in her basement in the 1970's in Chisasibi, Quebec. Still today, through technology and social media, we can see different styles and trends in the beading world. We try to keep up with them while still providing the traditional tools and beads you always need. I realize the value of timeless pieces and we hope our selection can help you achieve your goals in beading. Although we are Indigenous owned, we welcome all races. Beading is a universal art. As we grow, we hope to be a store you love, and a brand you can trust.

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