As a young Métis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick began Manitobah Mukluks with the vision of creating a successful company while benefiting his community. Today we continue that vision on a larger scale, as a global brand making a positive impact in Indigenous communities across North America. Sean McCormick spent much of his childhood in northern Manitoba and started selling leather and fur while still in high school. In 1990, he established a trading post where Indigenous artisans traded handmade mukluks and moccasins for tanned leather, skins and furs. During this time, Sean saw an even greater opportunity to connect members of his community to the growing demand for authentic Indigenous footwear. In 1996, after completing the Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program, Sean created the business plan and framework that would become Manitobah. In 2008, Manitobah began global operations and today it is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, with employees and customers world-wide. Despite the rapid success and growth of the brand, Manitobah remains connected to its roots and continues to provide authentic, Indigenous-designed products that return value to Indigenous communities.